Patient/User Empowerment Synergies group minutes

Patient/User Empowerment Synergies group minutes

Minutes of the Coordinators’ group conference call

Objectives of the call:

– To officially constitute the group of coordinators of “Patient/User Empowerment Synergies” accord EIP-AHA Action Groups (AGs)

– To agree on a collaboration method, including logistics

– To identify initial specific actions/activities

Prior to this conference call there have been two meetings on synergies across AGs, both of them organized by the EC. The first one, held last 26th November 2013 in Brussels, after the EIP-AHA 2nd conference of partners, was focused on identifying the activities that each AGs was doing on Patient/User Empowerment and answering to the following questions:

1) WHY it is important to collaborate on these issues

2) Identify the actors WHO need to be involved to solve these issues

3) HOW to best ensure work together to ensure good cooperation

4) WHAT would you like to achieve?

5) Give a concrete outline on what and when is the NEXT STEPS to proceed.

A second meeting was organized the 12th May 2014, within the framework of the eHealth Forum in Athens. That meeting was devoted to discuss deeper the previous mentioned questions and identify specific actions and activities that the group wanted to perform.

Read the full minutes here 

There was a further teleconference on 21st January 2015. For full minutes, click here


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