Reports on events November – December 2015

Reports on events November – December 2015

As a final round-up to the year, here are some events that EHFF attended and/or participated in. Some reports are also filed under ‘events’, the Empathie Network or the EVY page.

Firstly, this year’s EVY Conference, in Utrecht November 13th; ‘always look on the bright side of change’. This meeting hosted about 60 participants and was supported by small grants from NVTZ, Raedelijn and Radboud UMC, with a larger subsidy from EHFF main office. It proved to be an enjoyable and highly interactive event and the report on this meeting will be filed shortly under ‘EVY’. There also is the EVY business plan for 2015/16 which is just being finalised.

Second, the 3rd European Health Literacy Conference, which was held on the day following the IROHLA closing conference in the same venue, on Nov.18/19. EHFF believes that this is an important area to be active in, following their involvement in patient empowerment policy work and links will be developed with the ongoing web portal which will be supported by Groningen University (as well as the separate organisation, the Global Health Literacy Academy, just initiated by our colleague Kristine Sorenson). Details of this event are filed under ‘Events’.

Thirdly, Lars Munter and Bo Bergman represented EHFF at the JA-CHRODIS WP5 conference in Vilnius on Nov.24/5. EHFF has been active as a collaborating partner for this JA, e.g. see the Delphi report from WP6 Oct.22/3 in Brussels and the WP7 workshop in Rome July 3rd. Lars’ report is filed under ‘Events’ and Bo’s presentation also under ‘presentations’.

Fourthly, there is a report in the ‘Empathie Network’ section that covers two recent events, the B3 partners meeting in Brussels Oct. 23 and the Synergies Workforce activities, which led the partners already involved in the patient empowerment synergies group to make a formal bid to be included in that programme. This was discussed at the Montpellier meeting on December 7 and is progressing. Lastly Agnieszka Daval-Cichon will represent the EHFF/Empathie Network at the EIP on AHA Conference of Partners in Brussels on December 9/10.

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