News from the EMPATHiE Network

News from the EMPATHiE Network

a) David Somekh, representing EHFF and the EMPATHiE network was co-opted with two other independent experts to join a subgroup of the SANCO Expert Panel on Effective Ways of Investing in Health: this subgroup has the mandate to give an expert opinion on the Future EU Agenda on quality of care with special emphasis on patient safety. The work began on 21.02.14 and an interim report will be submitted to the Commission by July.

b) Bid submitted for SANCO Tender on self-care no. SANCO/2013/D2/027: on 28.02.14 a Consortium comprising most of the EMPATHiE network members submitted a bid under the acronym PISCE (pilot project on the promotion of self-care systems in the EU). The outcome of the bidding process should be known by the end of May, or thereabouts.

c) EIP-AHA action plan on integrated care (B3). Meeting, Brussels 02.04.14: the regular meeting of the B3 Action Group on integrated care, which was attended for EMPATHiE by DS, took place as a pre-Conference event at the ICIC14 (14th International Conference on Integrated Care). In one of the afternoon work streams: Empowerment through Integrated care (download here: EIP Programme Details ) EHFF participated on a panel which included Prof Angela Coulter and Jo Groves, CEO of IAPO.

d) On May 14th in Athens at the EU Greek Presidency Conference eHealth2014 EHFF will be representing the EMPATHiE network by co-hosting a two hour workshop with Dr Nick Guldemond, University Medical School, Utrecht, lead for the EIP A2 Action Group. The title is: ‘Expert forum on community empowerment and technology: implementing the new paradigm’. For programme details: Athens2014

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