Latest news from the EMPATHiE network: November 1st. 2014

Latest news from the EMPATHiE network: November 1st. 2014

Following the Athens patient empowerment seminar, there were three main recommendations for action.

1) to promote patient empowerment through the ‘synergies’ group, which met for the first time on May 12th.

2) to make an approach to the reference sites network (now the Reference Sites Collaborative Network, chaired by John Farrell), to ask if they are interested in looking at PE across their group.

3) to use the members of the Athens seminar audience as a further working group, linked perhaps to the EMPATHiE network and to EUCEPS ( European network of Personalised health and Self-management, Utrecht).

Actions that followed:

I) there was a meeting via Skype of the Synergies group, facilitated by Cecilia Vera on July 28 with 10 participants and an equal number giving apologies. It was agreed that the group might meet monthly but with holidays and the imminence of the B3 and other separate action group meetings the decision was to explore having a further meeting alongside the partners meeting in Brussels on Dec. 1st.

II) the EMPATHiE Consortium presented the draft final report to SANCO in Brussels on September 4th. It was accepted in principle but minor changes requested have delayed publication so far.

III) the PiSCE Consortium met with SANCO for their kick-off meeting on September 23rd. However the Commission indicated that they preferred to count Sept.1st as kick-off date to bring forward the requirement for the first deliverable to the beginning of December, namely the proposed names for the platform of Experts on self-management in minor and self-limiting conditions that would meet for the first time, after approval by SANCO, early in 2015.

IV) Nick Guldemond and David Somekh attended the reference site network meeting in Montpellier Oct.21/22. Two actions were agreed – there would be a pilot group of 6 reference sites who would develop the agenda for patient empowerment for the reference sites. This group would meet for the first time in Brussels on Dec. 2nd. Secondly, NG and DS were invited to make a brief presentation to the Reference Site Collaborative at their meeting in the late afternoon of Dec. 1st.

V) At the B3 working conference on Oct. 29th it was agreed that this update information would be circulated both to the EMPATHiE network but also to key members of the AA6 group, as well as being posted on the EHFF website.

David Somekh 14.11.14

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