Health 2.0 Europe in Barcelona May 11 & 12

Health 2.0 Europe in Barcelona May 11 & 12

Although this conference attracts a large number of potential investors, often from outside Europe, as well as show-casing European entrepreneurs, EHFF feels that also provides a window onto what may be coming over the horizon.

The main agenda is here

There is a very rich mix of presentations but we chose one or two that aren’t solely commercial. First the keynote from Esther Dyson. Her product is a kind of Personal Health record (of the kind we discussed subsequently in Amsterdam at eHealth week) with the emphasis on citizens and clinicians collaborating to promote wellness. For details of the product, you’d need to Google it further.

Reena Sangar of IPSOS shared a recently published survey of both clinicians and citizens giving opinions about connected health in three parts of the world, the US, UK and Japan. Some very interesting statistics, and the numbers surveyed are big enough to persuade us to take the results seriously.

Finally we chose a longish presentation from Peteris Zilgalvis, Head of Unit, health and well-being, from DG CONNECT giving the EC perspective. However a substantial part of the material was about a) regulation an d b) a proposed EU/US collaboration identified as an innovation ecosystem.

EHFF was represented on a panel discussion towards the end of Day 1, titled ‘Coaching, Gamification and Design Strategies for Behaviour Change’, sharing the platform with Dustin diTommaso of Mad*Pow and a colleague of Lars Kalfhaus of Roche Diabetes, Karolina Korth.

In a discussion about changing behaviour not just of patients but also that of professionals (and maybe Industry too!) the Bosch project was mentioned. The next day our colleagues Victoria Betton from mHabitat NHS and Mark Brown of Social Spider participated in a panel hosted by Pascal Lardier on ‘unmentionables’.

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