Final report: Delphi on patient's empowerment...

Final report: Delphi on patient’s empowerment…

Final report: Delphi on patient’s empowerment with chronic conditions (JA CHRODIS)

On behalf of the EHFF Matthijs Zwier (Associate Director EHFF) was part of the expert panel.

The Joint action on Chronic Disease and Addressing Healthy Ageing across the life cycle (JAChrodis) is a collaboration across the EU that brings together over 60 associated and collaborating partners from national and regional departments of health and research institutions, and other stakeholders from 26 Member States during a three-year initiative (2014-2016). This project is led by the by the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equity with the Health Institute Carlos III, and in the coordination of JA-CHRODIS collaborates the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Aging (EIP AHA) alongside other stakeholders and European initiatives.

Its aim is to promote and facilitate a process of exchange and transfer of good practices between European countries and regions, addressing chronic conditions, with a specific focus on health promotion and primary prevention of chronic conditions, organizations dealing with multimorbid patients, patient’s empowerment and diabetes…. click here for the full report

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