EVY Idea Series – Physician Error Anonymous Repository Learning System (P.E.A.R.L.S)

We would like to present you an idea about database which will collect mistakes that hospital staff makes. We haven´t met with anything like that up to today. As we know, physicians are expected to work on 100%, and that leads them not to share their bad experiences.
The reason we pick up this topic is simple. If we want to improve a service, we have to start seeing problems first. We cannot fight something we do not know if it even exists. This database should be the way how doctors, nurses, medical students and others could say anonymously what they did wrong. The pressure to be perfect (possibly future doctors) we are learned theory but we miss knowledge from the older generation that can be shifted to us, and can help us to avoid frequently repeated problems.
This is how to do that:

  1. Establish the database
  2. Establish a form how the staff will add the mistakes
  3. Motivate staff to fill a form
  4. Improve the three points

What we will get is list of most common mistakes and then we will be able to deal whit it.
1. Establish the database
The database should be elaborate and divided into sections – ideally every operation has its own section. Of course there should be sections that are not for operations. Communication with a patient. Admission of a patient. Motivating a patient. (We will need help with more sections).
2. Establish a form how the staff will add the mistakes
This is going to be THE challenge. My idea is to create the perfect medical reports for every

each type of operation (and of course examination) so staff could just correct or improve the report for their needs. This system needs to be digitized. So if we will have digitized reports we could add something like „Was everything ok?“ – Yes/No. If no the report should be automatically send to

a database and the form should ask more questions (what happened, when, why). I think it is important that the form will be quick. But until we have digitized reports I suggest to create a question mark witch will be online of course. So the staff will have to open a link and specify problem a little bit. (See more in our presentation.)
3. Motivate staff to fill a form
There should not be any penalization for not filling the form just let the staff knows that they could help improve the service and it could help them.

If you like this idea we would like some feedback. Remember that this is our first shot and there is enormous work to do.
Thank you for reading.

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