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The EVY Network focusses on ‘Connect to Inspire’, it’s our motto!

We try to bring together odd groups of young professionals, from different backgrounds, with an interest or affinity for health and healthcare. We organise events like round tables, think tanks, and ‘ Connect to Inspire’ events where we want inspire and involve young profesThinkstockPhotos-483171893sionals into sharing their creative ‘ blanco’ thoughts and ideas on health and healthcare of the future. The network is lead by young professionals and together we try to form intergenerational links with experts and relevant stakeholders on the different topics, regarding the future of health. We mainly operate through twitter and LinkedIn but we also do workshops and presentations during conferences and symposia.

Recently we did a workshop @EHMA Annual Conference 2015

Our intro: In general health care is guided by rules, regulations and old-world managers, while exponential startups are ruled by technology, co-creation and people. The future of health care will be in the hands of the latter. Health care management will shift from project management into agility management starting with a simple question: “what is our purpose?” or better “why do we (as a company/institute) exist”. Innovation and management will become focussed on how to become future proof, by learning from end-users, building on their feedback and measuring where it gets you.

During the session we found out that the attendees felt a certain necessity for more involvement of young professionals in the download antzzzfuture of healthcare. Especially by trying to bridge te gap between the older and younger generation, by intergenerational learning and ‘Connect to Inspire!’ (our motto). By involving more young professionals in thinking about the future of healthcare we try to stimulate different outcomes for that (unknown) future.

‘Think, share and inspiring connections that go beyond the boundaries of current healthcare will help us to create a future that matches current and future needs!’

So, we need you, to help us build and sustain a network of inspired young professionals with affection for health and healthcare!

Join us and share your ideas, thoughts, inspiration and creativity!!

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