The 3rd European Health Literacy Conference, Brussels (Belgium)

Event Details

Brought to you by Health Literacy Europe, the IROHLA Consortium and the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), the 3rd European Health Literacy Conference will take place at the Management Centre Europe in Brussels, Belgium from 17-19 November 2015. Click here for the website.


The 3rd European Health Literacy Conference will foster the exchange between researchers, practitioners and policy makers regarding health literacy during the life course, from various perspectives. During the Conference participants will share evidence-based actions and practices in the area of health literacy. The Conference will discuss health literacy as an instrument to tackle inequities in health.


The focus of the 3rd European Health Literacy Main Conference is on development of the life course perspective. What is the relation between health literacy and education, or work, or chronic diseases?


The conference will have a range of speakers from various backgrounds to discuss the approach in health literacy from the angle of medical and health sciences, psychology, social sciences, and communication sciences. Policy makers and opinion leaders will debate the importance of integrating health literacy in health systems.


There will be room for specialised themes in pre-conferences, for example health communication, empowerment and participation, and policy development. The IROHLA Consortium will present its Guideline for Policy and Practice in one of the pre-conferences.


There will opportunities for oral presentations, mini-symposia and thematic meetings in several parallel sessions. During the second day of the Conference there will be teach-in sessions around life course themes. Research groups will present posters, where there is room for debate among experts in poster sessions and tours.


The programme of the 3rd European HL conference provides insights in the newest developments concerning European health literacy.

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