Anticipating 2040: A roadmap to sustainable abundance? London (UK)

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This one day conference will feature eleven speakers who will address aspects of a potential roadmap to sustainable abundance by 2040 (click here for the full website on this event):

• Opportunities to accelerate development and deployment of beneficial technologies

• Avoiding potential downsides of technology – for the environment, for human values, or for social well-being

• Transforming education to put more focus on the challenges posed by converging disruptive trends

• Regulations and checks to counter short-termist action by incumbent vested interests

• The celebration and enablement of proactive innovation for the common good

• The promotion of scientific, rational, evidence-based methods for taking decisions

• The positive role of decentralised technologies (such as blockchain)

• The potential evolution of social structures such as markets and currencies, to attain the best results both from our competitive instincts and from our collaborative instincts

• Transformation of our democracy so that governance benefits from the wisdom of all of society, and serves the genuine needs of everyone, rather than perpetuating the existing establishment

• Progress reports from new transhumanist political initiatives around Europe.

Conference vision:


Sustainable abundance is just around the corner – provided we humans collectively get our act together.

We have within our grasp a sustainable abundance of renewable energy, material goods, health, longevity, intelligence, creativity, freedom, and positive experience.

All being well, this can be attained within one human generation, by wisely accelerating the green technology revolution – including stem cell therapies, 3D printing, prosthetics, robotics, nanotechnology, genetic engineering, synthetic biology, neuro-enhancement, artificial intelligence, and supercomputing.


The rich fruits of technology – abundance – can and should be provided for all, not just for those who manage to rise to the top of the present-day social struggle.

A bold reorganisation of society can and should take place in parallel with the green technology revolution – so that everyone can freely access the education, healthcare, and everything else needed to flourish as a full member of society.


Within 25 years – that is, by 2040 – human society could be radically transformed.

To channel the energies of industry, business, finance, universities, and the media, for a richly positive outcome within the next generation, powerful actions are needed. The speakers at this conference will highlight aspects of a roadmap for transformation, including profound changes in politics, philosophy, social structure, and even human nature.

This next step of conscious evolution has been called transhumanism. Transhumanists see, and welcome, the opportunity to intelligently redesign and enhance humanity, drawing wisely on the best resources of existing humanity.

About the speakers:

Speakers and panellists will include:

• Rohit Talwar (CEO of Fast Future) – “Beyond comprehension: Navigating the far horizon”

• Stephen Minger (ex Chief Scientist at GE Healthcare Life Science) – “Stem cell therapies[masked]”

Karen Moloney (Director, Moloney Minds) – “The future of men and women”

• Calum Chace (ex business leader, author of Pandora’s Brain) – “Surviving AI,[masked]”

• Diana S. Fleischman (Senior Lecturer at The University of Portsmouth) – “The future of food – a roadmap to in-vitro meat”

• Waldemar Ingdahl (director and founder of the Swedish policy think tank Eudoxa) -“The force of the many: The future of Blockchain, 3D-printing and other decentralized technologies”

Steve Fuller (Auguste Comte Professor in social epistemology in Warwick University’s Department of Sociology, author of Humanity 2.0) – “What will social justice look like in 2040?”

Amon Twyman (Leader, Transhumanist Party, UK)

David Wood (Executive Director, Transpolitica) – “Critical milestones on the path to sustainable abundance”

• Others to be announced


Subject to more detailed planning, the day will be structured along the following lines:

• 09.15: Registration, refreshments, and networking

• 09.45: Three opening talks

• 11.15: Break for networking and refreshments

• 11.45 Two further talks

• 12.45: Lunch break

• 14.00: Three more talks

• 15.30: Break for networking and refreshments

• 16.00: Final session (three final talks)

• 17.30: End of day.

Conference organisers:

This conference is jointly organised by:

• London FuturistsSerious analysis of radical scenarios for the next 3-40 years

• TranspoliticaAnticipating tomorrow’s politics

• Transhumanist PartyAbundance, Access, Action


Attendance will be restricted to 200 attendees (plus presenters, organisers, and press).

Note that, for this conference, you have to pay at the same time as you RSVP.

The cost to attend is £35. This includes refreshments in the morning and afternoon, and covers costs of room hire, audiovisual, and conference expenses.

The cost to attend is reduced to £25 for people who register before 1st August.

Accredited journalists are welcome to attend the meeting free-of-charge – please contact the organisers, notifying us in advance of your plans to attend.

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