End of year bonus! EHFF and partners win EU Commission tender on self-care in chronic diseases.

End of year bonus! EHFF and partners win EU Commission tender on self-care in chronic diseases.

An excellent end to the working year is provided by the news that a consortium led by EPF and co-managed by EHFF has won the above tender, a project lasting two years valued at over 900,000€. The winning consortium, acronym PROSTEP, consists of the European Patients Forum, (EPF); Fundacion Avedis Donabedian (FAD); the Danish Centre for Health Education (DCHE); the Erasmus University Institute for Medical Technology Assessment (iMTA) and EHFF. A likely kick-off date for the project is Jan. 15th 2016.

The scope of the tender is as follows: overall, to promote self-care in chronic diseases. Six disease areas are specified. Firstly an extensive literature review to evaluate evidence for added value from self-care, to identify best practices and to identify and review key elements allowing scaling-up including a taxonomy of existing good practices.

A cost-benefit analysis which would include non-financial costs and benefits also, for patients and for society.

The setting up of a cross-functional platform of experts with five principal tasks, to identify barriers to the development of self-care; to develop guidelines for national and local policy on how to promote it; to propose scenarios for EU collaboration; to propose innovative approaches for the development of self-care and to propose and design communication tools for patients/consumers to improve prevention and disease management.

To disseminate results via a strategy for dissemination at a European and local level and to hold a closing conference in Brussels to present the results and bring together representatives of relevant stakeholders and Member States to consider the outcomes and results from previous projects together.

The original title of the tender is: Tender no. SANTE/2015/D2/021

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