3rd partners conference EIP Action Group

3rd partners conference EIP Action Group

About 300 representatives of the action areas and reference sites met in Brussels for the day on Dec. 1st 2014.

The agenda can be downloaded here. In essence the meeting ‘taking stock and focusing on delivery’ involved presentations of the progress made by the six Action Groups during 2014 and discussion of the ‘scaling-up strategy’.

Visit the link to the Commission website and provide you with the agenda in a format that allows you to download any of the presentations from the day which might interest you.

EHFF attended as a representative of the EMPATHIE network, now involved both in the work of B3 (integrated care) but also in the work of the Synergies group, which spans all of the Action Groups (see Empathie Network news update for December).

Click here for a full report on the EIP Action group achievements in 2014!

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