Ecology of Health by the International Bateson Institute

Ecology of Health by the International Bateson Institute

Bromley by Bow, London, 5th June 2017

This was an extremely eclectic day meeting, involving about 50 people at the Bromley by Bow Centre in East London, arranged by the Stockholm and US based Bateson Institute, led by Nora Bateson, daughter of the famous Gregory Bateson and co-hosted by 3RDOPINION.

The subject of the discussion is ‘Ecology of Health and Health of Ecology’.

The point which I am trying to make… is not an attack on medical science but a demonstration of an inevitable fact: that mere purposive rationality unaided by such phenomena as art, religion, dream, and the like, is necessarily pathogenic and destructive of life; and that its virulence springs specifically from the circumstance that life depends upon interlocking circuits of contingency, while consciousness can see only such short arcs of such circuits as human purpose may direct. (Gregory Bateson, 1972)

As this was an out-of-the-box event, the description of what took place is slightly unusual also. Sean Conlan and David Somekh from EHFF attended.

A pictorial description of the day is here 

Find a full description (with nice pictures!) on the 3rdopinion website by clicking here.

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