DHACA Day VI: University of Lancaster, Sept. 23 (UK)

DHACA Day VI: University of Lancaster, Sept. 23 (UK)

Charles Lowe, former chair of the Royal Society of Medicine, London Telemedicine section is the founder of the Digital Health and Care Alliance. This originated as one of the DALLAS (Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles at Scale) projects, i-Focus funded by the UK NHS and Innovate UK.

InfoLab21: Venue for DHACA Day VI



It was held alongside a North West Coast AHSN (Academic Health Sciences Network) event when they are inviting their NHS “scouts” in for a quarterly event (these are senior managers, one per NHS organisation, with a particular focus on innovation).

The morning focus was on some of the very exciting work being done at the University of Lancaster, that DHACA members were be invited to participate in, plus a really interesting view from SEQOL, Mutual of the Year (www.seqol.org, a social enterprise for health and social care in North Swindon District).

The afternoon was spent reviewing DHACA achievements over the past year, on where next for the Medical Apps SIG following publication of their magnum opus, and establishing the IoT (Internet of Things) Security Special Interest Group together with the launch of the DHACA app process document.

The agenda for the day was as follows – copies of presentations are embedded as appropriate:

10:40 – 11:00 – Prof Peter Sawyer, Professor of Software Systems Engineering, University of Lancaster: sensing cognitive health through monitoring computer interaction and through ambient technology – this is a most exciting new area of research where you can sense someone’s cognitive health from how they use smartphones and other devices! Here is Peter Sawyer’s DHACA Presentation

11:00 – 11:30 – Prof Jon Whittle; Head of the School of Computing and Communications, University of Lancaster: the uses for temporary digital tattoos, and how to make them. Here is Jon Whittle’s DHACA presentation

We were very impressed by Prof Whittle’s evidence of the use of co-design and co-production and afterwards he acknowledged that he only knew of a couple of other academics centres doing similar pioneering work in the UK. He also commented on the lack of sharing of expertise across innovative groups.

11.30 – 11.50 – Jeremy Moyse, Strategic Development Manager, SEQOL: a provider’s view of how technology will help deliver changes in the health & care world – SEQOL is a ‘spin-out’ social enterprise formed in 2011 from the NHS Transforming Community Service programme and now delivers a broad range of health & care services in Swindon; as Jeremy explained, it has grown massively since then, and collected a cabinet full of awards. Here is Jeremy Moyse’s DHACA presentation

11:50 – 12:10 – Prof Awais Rashid, University of Lancaster: secure IoT use in digital health – Prof Rashid is a world expert on this topic which has become particularly important since the FDA recently withdrew approval from an infusion pump because it was too easy to hack. He explains the critical importance of IoT security, how to assess it and how best to achieve secure solutions. Here is Awais Rashid’s DHACA presentation

Charles Lowe is a member of the EHFF Community and DHACA is an EHFF partner organisation.

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