Board of Directors Meeting 19.5.2013

Board of Directors Meeting 19.5.2013

The first board meeting of EHFF was held in London, UK on 19 May 2013. The Minutes of that meeting are available for download.

pdf_icon  EHFF Board Minutes 19.05.13

Draft Minutes of EHFF Board Meeting

Date: 19th May 2013.
Venue: Royal Society of Medicine, London
Present: Marius Buiting, David Somekh, David Goldberg, Seán Conlan
By Teleconference: Shawn Day, Rui Loureiro, Ales Bourek


None – all present.

Election of Chair

DS proposed MB to chair the meeting and it was unanimously agreed.
MB invited each individual to share their thoughts on the current and future vision for EHFF.
It was agreed that in order for EHFF to survive into the future, action was needed to engage with, and involve more of the younger generation.
(Notes on the various inputs are listed under point 6 below ‘The Community – Who we are’

Minutes of last meeting



A general update on the status of the accounts was given by DG.
DG reiterated that Board members should keep track of out of pocket expenses. Reimbursement will occur when funds are available.

Timetable for and nature of launch

The launch should not be ‘just for branding’, but should have a specific outcome in its own right. The preferred option is to piggyback another event; utilise in so far as is possible digital media to enable sharing/promotion. Various opportunities for a launch were explored and considered including Brussels, Link with a partner event in England, Netherlands, and Portugal; a 21st Century launch on Twitter; links with EU Presidencies (ruled out)

Ideas included a multimedia launch using interviews perhaps of those present and those in other locations, emphasis to be put on young people if possible. Include stage of EHFF project.

Action: SD and MB to come up with a proposal

Discussion re ‘the community’ (who we are)

Some of the thoughts included:

  • A new kind of organisation- of friends and communities
  • A substantial set of networks
  • Ultimately we want to become a network not just of Health professionals but link with other networks associated with Business organisations and Educators with the overall objective of improving Society, and ultimately engaging with the public
  • It is highly fragmented and ‘messy’ and challenging to make it work
  • We are attempting to transform ways of thinking and approaches – perhaps we should use an Eastern approach
  • Moving from clinical care to self care to self management

Report to the Board on current activities

Website Development

All agreed that a great start had been made largely due to SD
Framework for future expansion is now there, so we need more content
EHFF site to possibly host ESQH website in future
SD suggested there are many ways to re-use existing or others’ content, particularly using Twitter.
Action: SD to make proposal on how all can make more content available and SC to support him

Network building

Lots of opportunities and ‘nodes for networking
Do we have a formal or informal process?
Action: SC to forward some examples of his networking efforts with Feasta to DS
Action: AB to seek out possible E. European/Ukraine networking nodes, including students

Current EU Proposals

DS may be offered consultancy role
ECEPS – European Centre for Personalised Health and Self Management to be launched on 27th May
Oregon is one of the 10 leading regions in the world for Self management – possibility of a conference on self-care in Utrecht
Tunstall Healthcare as possible sponsor working with DS/DG

Conference Concept

Various ideas were discussed:

  • Sci-fi writers conference
  • Interactive conference in the style of MET Opera – broadcast
  • Web hosted event such as TED or Coursera
Education Activities

SC had drafted a proposal for a webinar style event – short and using the troika of interests – Healthcare/Education/Business – this is to be further developed
Action: SC & SD


Continuing well

Transition to Charity Status

The pros and cons of charitable status were discussed, and also the distinctions between the requirements particularly in the UK and NL.
It was agreed to study it further perhaps searching for an open-minded lawyer, understanding the benefits and looking for similar/good examples.
Action: DS & MB

It was agreed that clearer roles should be defined for the Board so that the workload can be shared.
Action: MB to help define the roles and ensure that we play them!


Various funding opportunities were listed:

  • Grants
  • Tunstall Healthcare sponsorship (DG)
  • EUCEPS & Utrecht
  • Roland Schlesinger and UNICA
  • Get a larger audience through our website- using a free/attractive product and crowd-sourcing (Action AB to make 2 or 3 suggestions on a page)
  • General Electric
  • Go back to Ernst & Young



Next meeting

It was agreed that the next formal Board meeting would take place in France on the 24th August 2013
This is the eve of the Summercamp in Belval in near Lille in northern France. It was provisionally suggested to meet in the afternoon either near Roissy – Charles de Gaulle airport or closer to Belval (which is further north).

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