Board of Directors Meeting 25.8.2013

Board of Directors Meeting 25.8.2013

The second board meeting of EHFF was held in Beval, France on 25 August 2013. The Minutes of that meeting are available for download.

pdf_icon EHFF Board Minutes 25.8.13

Minutes of EHFF Board Meeting

Date: 25th August 2013
Venue: Belval, France
Present: Marius Buiting(MB) (Chair), David Somekh(DS), David Goldberg(DG), Seán Conlan
In attendance: Mary Morrissey(MM), Matthijs Zwier(MZ)
Shawn Day(SD), Rui Loureiro(RL), Ales Bourek(AB)

Introduction by Chair

There continues to be lots of activity, EHFF’s challenge is to establish a stable and productive network using trial and error to broaden our contacts and agenda.


Minutes of last Board meeting (London 13.05.13) had previously been reviewed and were formally adopted.

Report to the Board on current activities

DS presented a report on current activities (previously circulated). He indicated that feedback to EHFF and its activities is already very positive. In the year since Cloughjordan EHFF had gone through major milestones and achieved a lot.
Great thanks are due to SD for his continued good work on our web and social media presence. All members are encouraged to contribute.

Action: SC to raise at next meeting

SC gave an update on the ongoing preparation for the Education event and links with Feasta and VSM networking model
Sources of income recently established:

  • Centre for Work force Intelligence (JA on workforce planning): DS to have small contract as paid advisor from EHFF
  • Tender for Contract: the Consortium has been successful in the first SANCO tender and EHFF will earn consultancy fees from this within the coming 9 months.

Action: DS to revise annual report for web as suggested by Chairman


A general update on the status of the accounts was given by DG.
It was agreed that a formal role of Fundraiser needs to be established (Action MB & DG)
A formal Finance report will be presented to the next Board (Action DG)


It was agreed to publish the Articles of Association on our website (Action SD & DS)
There is a need to formally ratify the EHFF Governance document. This would include:

  • the document already completed (based on VSM)
  • an underpinning philosophy/Guiding principles

Action: SC to draft

Future Plan/activities

DS presented a draft plan.
It was agreed that we should focus on what the added value of our activities are to Society, and then revert to how we implement. The importance of focusing on Process as well as outcomes was emphasised. It was also suggested that SD and MZ should perhaps work more closely together on the EVY project.


  1. Upcoming second SANCO tender – MZ and DS to meet to discuss opportunity (Action DS & MZ)
  2. MM suggested feedback on progress to all who attended the IoW meeting (Action DS & SC)
  3. Various new modes of communication were discussed including ‘WhatsApp’; a process for managing communications and expectations of each of the ‘layers’ in EHFF e.g., core/inner circle/wider world, is needed. As there is competition for all our time, this was not resolved.

Next Meeting

Our objective is to coincide the next meeting with the first meeting of the Charity Board with a target of January/February 2014.
In the meantime routine Skype meetings of the Executive directors will take place.

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