Back in Barcelona for the 8th Annual Health 2.0 European Conference

Back in Barcelona for the 8th Annual Health 2.0 European Conference

This is the third year running that EHFF has attended and contributed to this event, which attracts a wide range of stakeholders in the eHealth business, from users of service, entrepreneurs, large Corporations to providers of services, start-ups and policy-makers.

The Agenda and event promo can be accessed here:

As an introduction to a key theme of this year’s event, here is a short blog from Pascal Lardier, International Executive Director of H 2.0 Europe entitled ‘Are Europeans Ready to Become Health Consumers?’

EHFF contributed to two panels, as will be seen from the Agenda. On Wednesday 3rd May we worked with Andrew and Esther Schorr of Patient Power (a US NGO for survivors of cancer) on an afternoon programme ‘The rising voice of patients’ and DS chaired one of the sessions (full session programme here) ‘designing with patients’.

On Thursday we participated in the panel ‘Health 2.0 for the Brain and Soul’ which was co-managed by our old friend Mark Brown of Social Spider and by Aline Noizet, Business Development Health 2.0 Europe.

As well as meeting many colleagues and seeing some interesting demonstrations, we also were able to talk to new potential collaborators who clearly had interests in common with us. We highlight one, Guy Yeoman from AstraZeneca who is doing innovative work on collaborative design in the biopharmaceutical industry. Here is a relevant article from the BMJ, published shortly after the conference.

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